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Facebook Posts!

"Got my hampers after work today super excited to open them all. My son even wants to help me put them away." Khristina R. Dec 10th

"Got my hamper Dec 9th about an hour before I had to go to work this is 5 of the 8 boxes I got. Was able to put the freezer ones away. Excited to go through these ones later and put it all away. My kids are happy and so is my husband. Thanks for the hampers I love doing this every year." Samantha M.  Dec 9th

"Recieved my order just a bit ago. Went through to be sure all is there and now the hard part, putting it all away. Not sure where but have to get the last 5 boxes put away as my living room is full. What a great way to do my shopping without leaving the house. Thank you Santa's Choice." Kim P.‎ Dec 9th

"THANK YOU!!! Just got my delivery!!!!! Excited to see what's in here. See you next year!!" Kelly P. Dec 9th

"My hampers have arrived today safe and sound as normal. I'd like to thank you Santa's choice for this is our 3rd year ordering and I have all ready ordered for next year. it's not Christmas in my home without our Santa's choice. Thank you so much for making this possible. Merry Christmas to all." Marcia G. Dec 9th

"Today is the day!!! Even my daughter getting ready for school keeps saying "When will they arrive??" I cant wait!" Katherine C. Dec 9th

"Received our boxes and we all are still enjoying all the items. Hard to keep the kids out of the treats. Thank you Santa Choice. Hugzzz" Debbie C. Dec 5th

"I have been a loyal Santas Choice customer for over 5 years, and we love receiving our boxes each Christmas. My kids love to be around when the delivery arrives, and when we first open the boxes and see what's inside. The best part of your Santas Choice Hamper, it's one less thing you need to shop for at Christmas time!! They show up in the last week of November to beginning of December, and you have all of your goodies for Christmas visitors who may unexpectedly show up on your doorstep, or for that wonderful party you have on Christmas Eve! It comes to you!!" Victoria R.

Facebook Posts!

Just wanted to say that I received my Santa Choice hampers today and happy with it all. Looking forward to next years now...Merry Christmas to all of you there and a Happy New Year.. Jean H December 11th

Christmas 2013 I received the Colossal. Ordered the 2-5kg turkeys, and had one at Christmas, now we are having the second for Easter. Thanks Santa’s Choice! Mary T April 17th

The best thing I do for myself, and my family is to get my head start going as soon as possible. My Christmas hampers are the best thing to look forward to all year. The closer to Christmas and my delivery date, the more excited we are for that delivery. This saves us seniors from all that shopping, crowds, fighting for parking, and lastly, packing it all in the auto and lugging it all in the house. Nothing like having it delivered right to your door. Thanks Santa’s Choice for such a great opportunity. For all of us, who need this help for whatever reason. Wyn H January 27th

Facebook posts!

I have been getting Santa’s choice for the past 8 years, every year it is better than the one before. You guys are awesome, thank you.   Elizabeth K January 17th

This year will be my 12th or 13th year receiving the hampers. When I first started ordering hampers, the company was named Chrisco Hampers. I couldn't get the hampers delivered to my home, I had to get the hampers delivered to a friend's home almost 50kms away. I was satisfied with the first one and have been satisfied every year after. I couldn’t imagine Christmas without them...Thank you Santa's Choice from me and so many others, for making our holiday more enjoyable and less stressful. I am just as excited this year as I was back then, it feels just like a childhood Christmas. Pamela M Sept 7th

Great way to plan and prepare for Christmas I have half my shopping done! Barbara B July 25th Got our summer delivery from Santa’s Choice today freezer is full again. Love it. Marg W June 11th Whoop whoop I get two days of Christmas! Dry items came today and frozen comes tomorrow! So excited. Jylian M June 10th

I can't wait, in just over a week we get our Santa’s Choice hampers! We made our 2014 order last week. This our ninth year ordering, but it is still fun and exciting when we get to go through the boxes. Ten boxes this year! Dorothy R- November 27th

We received our hampers today and as usual I am totally thrilled. My freezer and pantry are full and I have put aside a nice donation for the food bank of the items we don't eat. Love our Santa’s Choice and I have already placed my order for next year. Marg W- November 26th

Best thing I have done I have purchased a hamper for the past three or four years, a lot less hassle. Brier I Oct 30th

Heather L

Today was the day.. So excited!

This is my little Isabelle. She didn't really know what was going on, but could feel Mommie's excitement. She helped unpack some stuff too!