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Carrie-lee‎ to Santas Choice Oct 22, 2015 · Omg, omg, o-m-g!!! Just 47 more days until we receive our ((((20)))) boxes of deliciousness (food), now who gets excited over that much food? My family does of course.. Awe can't wait for all the excitement and all the laughs and all my kids saying, "mom, look at this or look what we got and woah what are we going to do with all this food?" Yay!! Thanks Santa's Choice for an EARLY Christmas start wink emoticon I think it's the best gift that I have ever received and just think I paid for it all wink emoticon lmao!! Priceless heart emoticon

Jason P.  to Santas Choice Oct 16, 2015  I love all the good food treats stocking music family and freinds and presents but best best of all is Santa choice you can't go out with out Santa choice Christmas would not be the same

Maureen S.  to Santas Choice Oct 16, 2015Can't wait to get my colossal xmas order, I have been with Santa's Choice since 2002, I think everyone should do this I am sure that u will not miss $20 bucks ( whatever one u choose) a week it's so worth it...... Good luck everyone!

Cindy S. to Santas Choice Oct 16, 2015 I love getting my hampers it's like Christmas for mama in my house wow time is gone so glad for this program makes life so much easier!!! Thanks

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