Do you have a HeadStart for next summer yet, we even have the HeadStart for Christmas 2017 available already!!


How does a HeadStart Plan benefit YOU?


It allows you to start or keep your payments going

Take your time to decide which baskets you want for your next order

No need to rush your order so you don’t miss any payments. 

Helps to keep your payments extra low by taking advantage of the full 12 months (or more if you started even earlier)

The earlier you start, the lower your payments will be!


Many customers set up their HeadStart for a couple dollars more than their last order. This way it’s giving them a little more extra cash to work with, allowing them to add a little more and try something new.


If you have finished your Christmas 2016 order early you could do your HeadStart right away and have up to an extra 4 months for your 2017 order.  That could be a total of 16 months of payments for your Christmas 2017 order.  Think of all that money you have saved and be able to get a much larger then expected order next year. 


What would you add to your order with that extra money you saved up??

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