Headstart 2018

Why A Headstart Benefits You


Have you wondered “How does the HeadStart help me?” or “How can I save even more for next Christmas?” or even “How soon can I start saving for next Christmas?”


Our Catalogues come out in October and our baskets will not be available to order until that time, but you can START SAVING NOW.  If you are already set up for Pre-Authorized Debit payments, then we can start your payments for Christmas 2018 now.   Simply choose how much you want your payments to be for next year and how often you want  to pay.  And if you start now you will be starting way ahead of the game.  You will have 3 – 4 months of savings before our season even starts.


How does this help you?  If you start early you can make smaller payments as you will have longer to pay, or you can plan to get that bigger basket that you REALLY wanted,  as the payments are stretched even further.


DON’T WAIT till the last minute START NOW and SAVE even more!!


We have been setting up Auto HeadStarts for most customers who have a current Christmas order.  If you would like to change your amount or opt out please call us at 1-800-847-0236 or email us at penny@santaschoice.ca

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