Confirm your Delivery Address!!

Have you confirmed your address yet?  We are so Close to Delivery time.  YAY!!

Every season we send out letters, emails and try to reach you by phone, (and generally make a pest of ourselves) to make sure that we have your correct address to ensure a successful delivery!!  We know that many of you may be thinking “We have lived at the same address for years!  Why do we have to do this every time you already have all our information?”

We want to make sure that we have all the correct information, to provide you with a Stress Free delivery.  As much as we like to think we are AWESOME, everyone makes mistakes and don’t forget about all those computer glitches.

We try to make this as painless as possible for you.  If you have an email address on file we have also sent you an email and all you have to do is hit reply and then respond with “Correct” in the subject line. If anything is incorrect still hit reply and add in your updated information that requires changing and send it on over.

If you have not confirmed your address or received an email from us, be sure to check your Junk Folder if we have your email address on file.   

Don’t Forget*  Get your Cupboards and Freezers ready for your Winter order!

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