Deliveries to Yellowknife & Whitehorse

We wanted to present a delivery solution for Christmas and/or Summer Hampers for our Northern customers!

We have a customer that has arranged her own transportation from Edmonton to Yellowknife, and we thought that a similar arrangement might work for you!

Santas Choice would deliver your hampers to the depot of the freight company. You make your own delivery arrangements with the freight company, and they would bring the hampers to you!

Two recommendations:
•    Robinson Transport 
•    Matco Transporation

Points to Ponder:

  • Contact the freight companies for quotes using weight guides below (be sure to specify Dry boxes or Frozen Boxes)
  • Place your order and we will work with you to give you approx weights for each hamper
  • You make arrangements with your chosen freight company and provide the depot address as your delivery address for your Hamper order
  • Hampers for Christmas will be delivered to Edmonton Depot in November (exact delivery date will be determined in October)
  • Hampers for Summer will be delivered to Edmonton Depot in June (exact delivery date will be determined in late April)

Sample Hamper Weights

Dry Hampers Frozen Hampers Total Weight (appx)
Colossal  Christmas 4 boxes (63.2kg) 3 boxes (40.1kg) 103.3kg
Terrific Turkey 2 boxes (36.8kg) 2 boxes (31.284kg) 68.084kg
Tasty Traditions 2 boxes (38kg) 2 boxes (27.574kg) 65.574Kg
South of the Border 1 box (14.4kg) 1 box (5.448kg) 19.848Kg
Lunch Box Loot  1  box (20.4kg) 20.4Kg
Butchers Choice 1 box (12.816kg) 12.816Kg
Perfect Poultry   1  box (20.862kg) 20.862
Breakfast Bonanza 2 boxes (30kg) 30Kg

If you think this solution will work for you, please call us at 1-800-847-0236 to discuss, or email Delivery Customer Service Manager at

Chat soon!

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