5 Things To Do Now For Christmas

5 Things To Do Now For Christmas 

It's never too early to start your Christmas prep; the sooner the better to have a stress-free, budget-friendly festive season. 

Here are 5 things that you can do NOW to conquer Christmas: 

  • Make your lists and check them twice: Every efficient planner needs a good list (or 10)!  Organize a Christmas meal plan and grocery list for the holidays; consider your own party schedule and what you may need to bring as a guest; organize a list and a budget for 'extra gifts' for teachers and neighbours; prepare checklists ahead of time to be organized early, budget correctly, and avoid impulse-buys. 

  • Create a Christmas inventory: Don’t wait until December to take stock of your Christmas supplies - Create a Christmas inventory to know what you have and need. Give yourself plenty of time to budget and buy any extra decorations and bits and pieces. 

  • Start a gift stash: It is always a good idea to have a secret stash of “Emergency gifts”. You can start picking up items like candles, bottle openers, towels, and more for those unexpected occasions when you need a gift. It will stop you from needing to resort to an expensive last-minute present.

  • Declutter your home: There is no better time than the present to clean out the cupboards and clear out any junk to free-up space at home. Donate unwanted items to charity or sell online to generate that extra cash for Christmas!

  • Chrisco Order: Make sure you check your order to ensure you have everything you need to cover all the holiday surprises. Order a little more to cover the unexpected guests that may pop up. 

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