Tasty Sauces & Meats

Tasty Sauces & Meats

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Be ready for BBQ season with our Super Summer Meats and everything you need to make it taste great!

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  • 1x Beef Stir-Fry Strips (454g)
  • 2x Beef Stir-fry Strips (2x454g)
  • 2x Butterball Turkey Franks (450g)
  • 2x Cardinal Road House Pulled Pork FC (400g)
  • 3x Cardinal Roadhouse 1/3lb Beef Burger (906g)
  • 3x Cardinal Roadhouse Angus Beef Burger (1.02kg)
  • 3x Chicken Kabobs (4pk)
  • 1x Club House La Grille Spicy Pepper Medley (150g)
  • 2x Club House Meat Marinade (32g)
  • 2x Club House Mesquite Marinade (30g)
  • 1x Club House Roasted Garlic & Peppers (144g)
  • 1x Frank's Redhot Sauce Original (354ml)
  • 1x HP Sauce (400ml)
  • 1x Heinz Ketchup (1L)
  • 1x Hy's Seasoning Salt (450g)
  • 2x IQF Chicken Breast Boneless Skinless (1kg)
  • 2x IQF Chicken Breast Skin On Bone-In Natural (1kg)
  • 2x IQF Chicken Drumsticks Natural (1kg)
  • 1x Keen's Dry Mustard (43g)
  • 1x Kellogg's Corn Flake Crumbs (575g)
  • 1x La Grille Chicken and Rib BBQ Sauce (435ml)
  • 1x La Grille Montreal Steak BBQ Sauce (435ml)
  • 1x La Grille Original BBQ Sauce (435ml)
  • 1x LaGrille Barbecue Chicken Seasoning (203g)
  • 1x LaGrille Honey Dijon Marinade (350ml)
  • 1x LaGrille Montreal Signature Steakhouse Marinade (350ml)
  • 2x Lean Ground Beef (2x454g)
  • 1x Mastro Extra Virgin Olive Oil (1L)
  • 1x Montreal Steak Spice Beef Sirloin Kabobs (4x70g)
  • 1x Montreal Steak Spice Beef Sirloin Kabobs (4x70g)
  • 1x Mrs Dash (70g)
  • 2x New York Steak (2x425g)
  • 2x Rib Eye Steak (2x425g)
  • 2x Roasting Chicken (1.5kg Avg)
  • 2x Schneiders Juicy Jumbos Classic (450g)
  • 2x Schneiders Red Hot Weiners (375g)
  • 2x Schneiders Smoked Classic Cheddar Sausage (375g)
  • 4x Schneiders Smoked Classic Recipe Sausage (375g)
  • 1x Top Sirloin Steak (2x425g)
  • 2x Top Sirloin Steak (2x425g)
  • 1x Unico Wine Vinegar (500ml)
  • 1x VH General Tao Sauce (355 ml)
  • 1x VH Korean BBQ Sauce (355 ml)
  • 1x VH Medium Garlic Rib Sauce (341 ml)
  • 1x VH Soya Sauce (380 ml)
  • 1x VH Stir-Fry Teriyaki Sauce (355 ml)
  • 1x VH Sweet & Sour Sauce (341 ml)

$77.25 per week (12)

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