Mix & Match Delissio Stouffers

Mix & Match Delissio Stouffers

(Hamper Code SC529)

Delissio Pizza's and Stouffer's savoury frozen meals already prepared for the oven

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  • 2x Delissio Pepperoni (788g)
  • 2x Delissio Rising Crust Canadian (860g)
  • 2x Delissio Rising Crust Deluxe (834g)
  • 1x Stouffer's Saute Sensations Country Pot Raost (640g)
  • 1x Stouffer's Saute Sensations Teriayki Chicken (640g)
  • 2x Stouffers Bistro Veal Parmigiana (322g)
  • 2x Stouffers Homestyle Meat Loaf (263g)
  • 2x Stouffers Macaroni &Cheese (340g)
  • 2x Stouffers Meatball Melt (167g)
  • 1x Stouffers Sensations Chicken Parmesean (640g)

$10.00 per week (13)

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