Warning: The kids are almost done school.

It won’t be long before boredom sets in and they are looking for something to do. Here are some websites for lots of things to do this summer!

10 things to do with your Kids!

50 Outdoor activities for kids

30 fun things from Canadian Living

Back in the day, kids were sent outside to make their own fun. Hide-n-seek, skipping rope, capture the flag, 500 up and SPUD were popular games in the 70s and 80s.

Our parents loved it because we were getting lots of “fresh air” and exercise. Now with the added distraction of computer games, ipods and screen time, it is harder to convince kids to get outside.
There have been oodles of studies that show spending time in nature and fresh air have countless benefits for good health. Not just for kids btw, but for all human beings. And that doesn’t mean you have to have an acre of property to have fun. There is lots of green space and parks to enjoy. And why not ride bikes to get there, instead of hopping in the car?

What do YOU like to do??

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