The Perks of Shopping online

Santa’s Choice has been in business for 12 years now and anyone who’s been with us from the start can see how many new things we have added along the way! These changes are not just found within our annual catalogues, but within how we connect with our customers across Canada.

If you have heard us say “ You can now place your order online” or “connect with our Facebook Page” but are not really sure HOW or WHERE to go, we are here to help!

Our office is regularly open 9am to 5pm EST Monday-Friday with some extended hours throughout the year. We want to make it easier for you to communicate with us 24/7 and to engage with other customers. We understand everyone has busy lives and although we love speaking with you directly, everything is now accessible online for those times you cannot reach us during office hours!

To shop online, visit our website  and simply register if you have not registered online before. By selecting items to add to your shopping cart, you are guided through the process to place the order. And if you ever do have trouble, we also have live representatives to chat with you during office hours, which was a new feature in 2014. Simply click on the bottom right image labeled “let’s chat” for guidance or to have your questions answered right away. We also recognize some people do not enjoy scrolling down a website page as much as flipping through a real catalogue. Try viewing our virtual catalogues instead when you shop, for both Christmas 2015 and Summer 2016 .

shopping online.JPG

The other way to really connect with us is through social media ! By liking our Facebook page, you will see all sorts of updates throughout the year about current contests, delivery updates, prize winners and more! Our favorite time of year is when customers post pictures when their boxes arrive and you can see what everyone else across Canada has received each year. For even more news, follow our Twitter Page @santaschoice and chat with us; make  sure to use Twitter #santaschoice.

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And if you love cooking and learning new tips, do not miss out from the thousands of free ideas on Pinterest . We have a collection of boards with all sorts of recipes including desserts and gluten free foods, kid’s party ideas, holiday themes, and more! All you do is click on the image and it will take you to the recipe, or web page for more information- It’s that simple!


Don’t miss out on all the chatter; we encourage you to join us online! And if you have questions, remember we are always happy to help.

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