The Perks of Being An Agent

There are two things that most people have to agree they enjoy in life- free cash and catching up with friends and family. Now you may have heard of our Agent Program or have heard that other customers are set up as Agents but may not understand what it entails.

We want you to know it is MUCH easier than you think and if you enjoy the two things mentioned above, you have what it takes!

All you have to do to begin is get your own order set up (which you may have already done) and then help you’re your Friends and Family Layaway baskets with Santa’s Choice.


If YOU + TWO others have orders and the combined value is $900 or more, you will actually start earning commission from us! Make sure the orders are paid in full by the final payment date and you will receive your baskets, as well as a bonus following the delivery! You can even earn up to 5.25% commission if applied to a future order, depending how much your group spends!

If you want to know exactly how much commission you can earn, take a look at the different amounts provided based off the order values.
comission chart.png

Note:  Commission is not earned on gift cards, electronics, or non food Basket. This Agent program is based on per Catalogue basis, winter and Summer orders are NOT combined for the calculations. Customers referred under the REFER A FRIEND program as NOT eligible for Commission.

Think about all the people you know who could use Santa’s Choice and start getting excited! The Agent Program is also a great way to fundraise for your school, team, charity, or organization. By providing the group name and details we can create an agent number for you and send plenty of catalogs to share with your group. The agent number is used to track the orders and check how much money back you will be eligible for.

We take care of the follow up, delivery details, and bringing the baskets to the door right before the Holidays hit. Whether you are raising funds, or earning some extra cash there could not be an easier way to boost the income during the Holidays!

  Watch our Agent Video!

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