Summer Weather 2018

Summer Weather

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Summer is Coming!  Hard to tell by the crazy weather we keep getting.  But we all know that this up and down weather is a part of being Canadian. All of a sudden BOOM, we will have BEAUTIFUL warm sunny days (that will finally stay).  The BBQ’s will be pulled out, we’ll sit by the pool and pack up all the warm heavy clothes we’ve been wearing.  Summer vacations - coming up with travel plans, where do you plan to go for Summer Vacation?!

Canada has some AMAZINGLY beautiful places to visit.  According to “2017 10 Best Readers Choice Travel Awards”…..check these places out:

  1. St. Andrews, New Brunswick
  2. Québec City, Quebec
  3. Lunenburg, Nova Scotia
  4. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
  5. St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador
  6. Montreal, Quebec
  7. Canmore, Alberta
  8. Ottawa, Ontario
  9. Niagara, Ontario
  10. Banff, Alberta

Have you ever been to any of these Canadian destination spots?

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