Summer Traditions & Hobbies

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Traditions and Hobbies


We speak with many of you on a regular basis and have had the pleasure to know a little about you and your families.  So we thought we would share a little about some of our hobbies and traditions. It’s ` nice to hear about the people you talk to on the phone, and makes us feel more like friends.  Maybe you recognize some of these names as you have spoken with us.


Ann-Marie - I love to spend time with my family, have a picnic in the park and get out on the water in the kayak. 


Angela -  usually spends most weekends at the beach with her children, picnicking in the sand, reading a good book and swimming in the lake.  Its all about relaxing with the family!


Colleen  - Ever since I was a little girl every summer my Mother always took me to the CNE (Canadian National Exhibition).  Since I became a Mother myself, I have carried on the tradition!  The CNE runs the last 2 weeks of summer before school is back in session! Great Fun!


Jackie - loves to spending a Sunday afternoons at the beach with family/friends.


Kim  -  My family, friends and I usually go to places we've never been before. The best part is eating your way through the local food. J


Ray - is usually found BBQing and hanging out with family/friends


What are some of the traditions and hobbies you and your family enjoy?

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