Summer 2017 Deliveries


 You can tell once the weather starts to do all kinds of crazy changes that spring is on the way! And Santas Choice is getting geared up for the Summer Deliveries!  YAY!!


Address confirmations have already been sent either by Mail or Email.  So if you have not called in or emailed us to confirm your address,  NOW is a great time to do that. 


Many people may have moved and forgot to call us to advise us of their changes, or we may have incorrectly input your information.  That is why it is sooo important to look over your address confirmation to make sure we have everything correct. Santas Choice can not guarantee any changes to the delivery address after last payment date of May 5th 2017. Please DOUBLE CHECK the address and your order to help us make your Summer 2017 delivery a SUCCESS!!


Call us toll free at 1-800-847-0236 or email us at to confirm your delivery address right away.

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