Summer 2016 Address Confirmations

We are getting closer to another delivery season!! You should have noticed that letters/emails have been sent for you to confirm your delivery address for Summer 2016.  It is very important that you confirm your address, even though you may have been at the same address for years.  We confirm your delivery address for ever season each year to ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible for your delivery.

Many people wonder why they should confirm their address when it has never changed.  There are many reasons.

  • Special instructions that are needed
  • We may have an error in our records
  • Moved and forgot to notify us (as there are so many other places you would have had to call to give a change of address
  • We may have had mail returned to us and we need to verify that nothing has changed

We just want to make sure that you get your order to your correct address and have a stress free Summer delivery. While confirming your address it is the perfect opportunity to make sure that the order you are receiving and all your contact details are correct as well.

 If you have a Summer 2016 order you will be automatically set up for a Headstart for Summer 2017.  If you wish to opt out of the automatic headstart please contact us either by phone or email, we would be glad to help you.


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