Summer 2015

Don’t wait a year, summer 2015 deliveries are near!

There are plenty of great things about Winter, but being right in the middle of the coldest season of the year, it’s tough not to day dream about the summer sun every once in a while. I can picture it now... The smell of the freshly cut lawn, the kids are all playing outdoors, the barbeque is on and you can’t wait for your meal to be ready.


The best part about barbeques is that they are EASY. When the kids are off school, and you want to be able to relax at home or at the cottage, you want everything to be ready. The best part about ordering summer baskets is that they will keep you stocked! Whether you need to pack your kids lunches, fill the freezer with ice cream desserts for summer nights, or have extra food stored to bring to a family or friends.

backyard fun.jpg

And if you’re looking for ways to make this summer extra special, we have tons of items for outdoor fun. From full barbeques, to camping supplies, to outdoor pools, you do not want to miss the chance of putting these items on Layaway now and having them ready once the temperature heats up again.
Summer deliveries are within the first two weeks of June , so they are completed before “summer vacation” begins. The last payment date is May 1st, 2015 which gives FOUR MONTHS before the order cut off. If you prefer paying weekly, as of Friday, January 23rd there are 15 payments remaining, or 8 payments for those who prefer bi-weekly.

We do not want you to be caught in a day dream and left empty handed, so here is a guide for what the payment plan would be like at this point for some of the TOP SELLING Summer baskets.

Payments based off starting week of January 23rd.

SUMMER CHART jan23.png

To view the summer catalog CLICK HERE and call to speak with a representative or get started online.

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