Start of May means summer is underway!

It may not feel like summer quite yet, but our elves have been busy behind the scenes getting everything ready to go.


The final payment date for Summer 2014 orders was May 2. The deliveries for summer orders begin May 27th and the delivery dates were sent out last week. If we had your email address, they were emailed the week of April 21st. If you are still a "snail mail" customer, check your mailbox!  Please don’t forget on the day of delivery someone needs to be home between 7am and 7pm and that frozen orders need to be put in a freezer promptly! 

Now that you have completed payment for summer why not keep the fun going and start paying off your Christmas order? Put in your Christmas order by the end of May and there are still 20 weeks to spread out your payments. If you think it’s nice to get a summer hamper, wait until we show up on your doorstep in the middle of a snow storm. Now that’s the kind of service a person could get used to.    Are you finished paying for your summer order and NOW want to start your Christmas order?

Also, agent commissions are being paid out in mid June, please let us know if you would like it applied to your order or a check in the mail.

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