Spring, Spring, Spring!

Spring is officially here on Friday March 20th, 2015 and what better way to kick off spring than to start “spring cleaning”? Now with all the snow melting, you are bound to find what the dogs were up to all winter and what “surprises” were left under the snow... Especially if you have a pet!

spring happy dance.jpg

We all know that spring cleaning may seem like a lot of work. Try not to think about the work involved but rather the feeling afterwards. Once your home feels lighter with all the boots and big jackets put away it will feel like a brand new house again! And don’t fret about wondering where to get all your cleaning supplies... Santas Choice has got you covered! Our Mega Household helpers basket has everything required to make any surface sparkle. We also have the personal care women and men’s basket in case you or your partner needs a little self grooming (Just kidding you are all fabulous).

spring mountain.jpg

However, spring is not just about the cleaning, it’s about all the things that come with it. It is the perfect time to say "out with the old, in with the new!". Spring can really turn your winter blues into a spring fever once all the birds begin chirping and the sun shines longer each day. With that being said, how excited does spring make you feel after the long winter we had this year?

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