Spring means Summer, right?

That’s right, folks. Now that spring is here and your summer hamper will be arriving shortly, it’s time to think ahead to summer 2015 summer. We have lots of exciting new items to consider including some great backyard BBQs and other items to make the backyard a great place to be.

We still have all the wonderful selections of meat and pantry items to get you through the summer. Including many different hampers with all the hamburgers, hot dogs and steaks you can shake a stick at.

It’s also a good time to stock up on lots of snack items like nuts, chips and cheesies in case people show up out of the blue. smores.JPGIn fact, our Summer Selections has everything from the picnic pack trio, to salad dressings to marshmallows – that will keep you enjoying the outdoors until the fall. We even threw in a couple of packages of freezies for the kid in all of us.

We hope you had a wonderful long May weekend!

So take a look at our Summer 2015 catalogue and start thinking summer! Campfire, great food, family, smores - what else do you need?

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