Planning for Christmas!

100T2D-Christmas-widget.jpg So,  you've ordered your Christmas Hampers, gifts and more from Santas Choice. That's one HUGE thing you don't have to worry about.  But... there's more!

How many of you actually have all your Christmas shopping done by September? October?  Or are you the type that starts lists after Halloween… and then plans your shopping days? Do you start baking early and freeze it? Or do you get together with friends in December for big baking days?  Either way…. We all need a list!  

We had a look around and found some great ideas to prepare for Christmas!  We hope you enjoy some Christmas Countdown list sites!

Ultimate Christmas Countdown Checklist

Getting organized is the best way to ensure you’ll have more holiday cheer, less holiday stress. This timeline will help you keep track of the big tasks.

Plan It! Get Organized With Christmas Checklists

For many of us, having the tools, in the form of a Christmas planner, isn't enough. We need more: a road map to an organized Christmas. Enter Christmas planning checklists! Christmas planning checklists help focus and zero in on holiday chores. Checking off each step of holiday preparations makes it easy to get organized for the holiday season. Christmas planning checklists simplify the holidays by focusing preparations on one step at a time. Having a list-based road map makes it easier to delegate jobs to others, and seeing the visual reminder of the process prevents becoming sidetracked along the way.

Our Christmas checklists are adapted from the Christmas Countdown by Cynthia Townley Ewer. It's a six-week Christmas organizing plan designed to streamline holiday preparations and simplify your holidays.

Whether you use Christmas organizing plans like the Christmas Countdown or Holiday Grand Plan, or create a personalized plan of your own, use these Christmas planning checklists to simplify your holidays and celebrate the season:

100 Things 2 Do Before Christmas Checklist

It’s TIME! Hallowe’en is over (WAHOO!) and now I can go full-on with Christmas! I love adore Christmas.  I even went so far as to give one of the girls the middle name “Noelle” (French for Christmas).

It’s not the religious aspects or the gifts – it’s the feeling of warmth and togetherness that it brings.  Decorations come out to make the home cozy and welcoming, baking goes into overdrive to make sure tummies are full and the kids dance around the house with anticipation every day.  To be honest – I don’t particularly love Christmas Eve/Day/Boxing Day themselves – it’s the lead up that gets me giddy.

SO, and to that end, there are a million things to do before the Holidays arrive – so I thought I’d share a printable Christmas checklist to help get you organized.  No use leaving everything ’til the last minute and then rushing through the Holidays with anxiety instead of joy.  This will help spread things out into bite-sized portions.

Yup, there are 100 things 2 do on here:

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