Our wareHOUSE to your HOUSE

We are hard at work getting everything prepared for your Summer Deliveries.  So many things are going on behind the scenes to get your order out to YOU.


We have been confirming your address and orders, and confirming with the food vendors all the product that we will need to fill your boxes. 


Once your last payments are received we will then be opening up the warehouses to receive all the product.  We have 2 warehouses each season, one for all the dry goods and one for all the frozen goodies. Check below for our Flash Freezing Process and Best Before Dates. Once all the orders are filled (lots of people working to make sure each box is built correctly) at both facilities we then send them out on separate trucks, one for the frozen boxes (in a refrigerated truck) and one for the dry, to head out across Canada.  The separate trucks finally meet up at the main depot to be sorted and put together to go out to individual areas, which then come straight to you.




Our frozen boxes are insulated and designed to stay frozen for up to 16 hours once it leaves your main depot.


As you can see, many people and processed are involved with getting your boxes out to you, which make it difficult to change an address at the last minute.  Once the trucks leave the warehouse the boxes are now out of our hands, making any changes difficult to make and impossible to guarantee.




Santas Choice works very closely with our suppliers to ensure quality control and product freshness. Our food products are received directly from the manufacturers, just in time for our packing season.

As our meat and freezer Baskets are shipped to our customers frozen, our manufacturer partners flash freeze products that are “normally sold fresh” at their freshest and ship them directly to our Frozen Packing facility. As these items are normally sold fresh, they contain a manufacturer’s stamped “Best Before Date” relating to the product as if it had been sold fresh in a grocery store, when the product is not frozen. The process of flash freezing and keeping the product frozen allows our customers to keep these products in their freezers for up to 6 months. Once the products have been thawed they should be cooked according to the package instructions and consumed immediately.


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