More Fun for the Whole Family

Think back to your childhood… What was your favorite game to play? Were you busy playing sports outside? Building Lego sets or train tracks?

Even with all the technology changes through the decades, the classic board games still exist.
Sure the packages might have changed over the years, but anyone from age 5 to 55 has probably taken part in a game of Twister or Jenga for example.

At Santas Choice we have a lot of families who order baskets that they know their ENTIRE family will love, including the kids. So this month’s prize is a Fun Package that both adults and children can enjoy! 

We are bringing back those fun games that so many people have such fond memories of! Our Classic Fun Games package has 8 different games that can bring endless hours of fun. This basket is $170.00 but if you place a winter order by March 31st you have the chance to win it all! We are also throwing in our “ crazy forts ” which is a new item this year and listed in the catalogue for $62.00. The crazy forts provides a fort structure to build so the kids don’t have to worry about sheets falling down!

family fun.jpg

The March prize package is especially exciting because as delicious as the food prizes are, we know this one will last your family a long time. And don’t worry there are plenty more fun items to order throughout the year.

We’ve added 3D Puzzles this year, a guitar pack and even a Deluxe Karaoke machine!
twister.jpg For those who do love being up to date with electronics , we also offer gaming consoles, GoPro cameras, speakers, iPods and more! It never hurts to put these items on Layaway so that during the holidays your presents are all paid for.

Whether it’s for a family member or yourself, you are sure to find something for everyone!

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