Summer Activities in Canada

family fun.jpg Everyone loves having a break from the long winters, and Canada is a beautiful country to explore especially during the summer months. Whether you are going to a cottage, a camping trip, visiting a natural park or making a trip into the city, each Province has unique areas to explore. Don’t miss the chance to kick back a little before summer is over, especially when there are so many activities and festivals to take advantage of.

The best part? You can even enjoy some of these for FREE.

Check out some of the activities you can do in your spare time.

In Toronto area


In the East Coast

Search for camp grounds across Canada

50 activities to do across Canada

50 FREE activities for summer

And if you enjoy cooking at home there is nothing overrated about a good ol’ backyard summer barbeque. Try something different like these! Or better yet  - email us YOUR favorite Recipe!

Grilled Chicken Pineapple Sliders

Pineapple sliders.jpg

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