Let the Delivery Season Begin!

Here we go! Another delivery season is upon us. By now you should have confirmed your delivery address for summer 2015 and started preparing your freezers and cupboards for all the goodies that are set to arrive in June. In case you’re wondering, your delivery advices are in the mail and if we have your email address we have sent a copy online as well. 

The months of May and June are some of the best months for Santas Choice; reason being the weather is getting warmer, and most of all, we are prepping for the up coming delivery season. In addition, our new summer 2016 catalogue is almost ready! If you enjoy getting summer baskets, or would like to try it out, be sure to get a head start for next summer. It’s never a bad thing to have your freezer full of meat especially when you feel like some grilled steak or chicken.

bbq meat.jpg

Happy Summer Everyone!

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