It's HeadStart Conversion Time!

If you are on a Head Start savings plan, the time has come to think about which baskets or products you would like this year! It can be tough with so many great choices but we are here to help. Whether you love getting the same thing, or want to try a larger basket, we want to make sure you are satisfied with your choice.

Our representatives are great at making suggestions that will suit your needs, and we have added an EXTRA contest for everyone who converts the Head Start by January 31 st to help get your orders in. You will be entered to win an additional Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer and Food Processor.

Qualifying for all of our winter contests is definitely a perk, but it is not the only benefit to setting up an early Head Start. Let’s be honest, if you do not already have an order set up it can be tricky to budget properly unless you are setting money aside in your own piggy bank! The Head Start safely secures your money and gives you and your family extra time to pick an order, knowing that a credit is already building up on your account.

penny jars.jpg

Starting early means spreading payments over a longer period, which means your payments, will be even lower. This can make a huge difference around the Holidays when everyone is saving their pennies. Avoid large payments at the end of the year, and continue the regular payment schedule each year to get the baskets you have always wanted!

For example- Check out what the monthly payment would be on our LARGEST basket (The Colossal Christmas) if you got started on payments in November with 12 months to go, vs. later on in the year. By starting in November, your payments would be $100/ monthly. Starting in February, your payments would be $133.33 monthly.  See below for detailed list!


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