Happy New Year 2017

We at Santas Choice want to wish you all a safe, happy, healthy and productive New Year.

Now that Christmas Day is over, we are starting to get ready for the New Year!  Making plans to go out or just staying in and ringing in the New Year with family and friends.  Many of you are thinking of New Year resolutions and HOW you’re going to keep them.

What is YOUR New Years Resolution going to be?  Some of the resolutions that we are making at Santas Choice are:

    • To Be a Better Me
    • Travel More
    • Stop Smoking
    • To get Healthier, by exercise and eating better

 It is not always easy to keep your resolutions, as we all live in a busy society. We’re always on the go to get from one place to another or just in general, all the daily chores and activities that we need to do.  My question for you is how do you plan to keep your RESOLUTION?!?!

Here are some useful tips that may help you.

    • Take it one day at a time – small steps will go further to reaching your goals.
    • Don’t be discouraged – sometimes we need to try again.
    • Make it simple – Don’t try to change too many things at once.
    • Write it down – Put it somewhere visible, so you can see it everyday.
    • Get a Friend to help – A friend can help keep you on track, and be a great sounding board or lifeline when you’re struggling.

Good luck on keeping up with your goals and plans for the NEW YEAR!

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