Do you have an order for this Christmas?

It’s almost time to pick a winner for our annual colouring contest for the cover of the 2015 Recipe Calendar!

There is a new year ahead of us and a fresh chance to have your art work featured! We have customers across Canada so gather your tools and be creative! The recipes inside the calendar are guaranteed to be delicious, but the PRIZE will be too. The winner will receive an entire CHOCOLICIOUS hamper! We always look forward to the entries, so go ahead and download & print the sheet and mail it in!

The contest is open to all kids 10 years & younger. Entries must be received by September 5th.

An Ode to Christmas

At Santa’s Choice our “elves” prepare year round for the holiday season.
For a very important reason.
We have over 10,000 deliveries to be packed
Imagine how many boxes that is stacked!
Each delivery must be sent to the right place,
To the right door and smiling face
In order to have  boxes ready for fall
We need to confirm the addresses for all
So please let us know by the fifth of September
It is important that you remember!
In October we will release individual delivery dates
Then we will start shipping to your estates!

Please note we must confirm delivery addresses by September 5th. Include your buzzer code or special instructions if necessary. It is very important so that your order arrives properly and we can move forward with arranging delivery dates. The delivery season will be mid November to mid December.



You can call us at 1-800-847-0236 or e-mail

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