Delivery Addresses Winter 2017

It is that time again!!  Time to confirm your Winter 2017 Delivery address!  You should have received either a letter through the mail or an email asking you to confirm your DELIVERY ADDRESS by now.  If NOT contact us to make sure we have your correct mailing and email address.


It is very IMPORTANT that you confirm your delivery address with us for each season and every year.  There are many reasons we need you to look over the information we send to you and call or email us back with your confirmation.


            We may have put in the wrong number or spelt the street name wrong.


You may have moved and forgot to notify us as you would have had so many other places to call as well


You may have orders going to separate address and we need to split your order


You may need to add special instruction


You may need to add new phone number


We CANNOT guarantee any changes to your address or special instructions after last payment date OCTOBER 20th, as we will have already printed off your labels and made arrangements with the courier.


Soon after last Payment date you will receive your Delivery Date, and then you can sit back RELAX and know that we will take care of the rest.


All Christmas Deliveries are between Mid November to Mid December.


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