Customer pictures... Part 1: It all started with a dog...

We LOVE to see all your pictures and comments posted on Facebook every year at this time of your Christmas Baskets (Christmas Hampers). We read every post, share them around the office and it's so great to see the boxes in YOUR homes - with your kids, Christmas Trees & pets!

Pets.... LOTS of Pet pictures this year... maybe its a new theme!

We are half way through our deliveries for 2014 - lots of crazy weather across Canada, but we are working through it. We have great courier partners and an amazing delivery team that works hard all year towards this season. 

Keep sharing your pics, your comments and your stories with us!  We love to meet you and see the deliveries in your home after you saved for the holidays :)

Stay tuned for Part 2: the kids!

Erin Tufts Nov 29.jpgNatashia Beals Dec 2.jpgSusan Meyer.jpgJulia Eisan FB Dec 2.jpg

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