Canada Day!

July 1st will soon be upon us. What a great thing to celebrate, our wonderful country! You may not have noticed but red and white are Santaís colours as well. It is no coincidence as we are a proudly Canadian company! 

Just a note - we will be closed on Monday June 30th so our Elves have a loooong weekend!

Flag cake.JPG

Not sure how to celebrate this year? Here is a great cake to make. We are pretty certain it will have your neighbours offering up plenty of compliments.  Recipe: Canada Day Flag Cake

July 1st is a great time to host a BBQ. If you have stuff in your freezer from your summer hamper, share it with friends and family and celebrate all that it means to live in a great big country full of open spaces and countless natural wonders. A gathering doesn't have to be fancy. Some nice burgers, fresh buns, a couple of toppings and cold drinks! That is really all it takes. Summer is meant for simple fare. Guests remember the warmth of their host more than a complicated meal.

We love hearing from our customers. Share recipes and other ways you and your family celebrate Canada Day. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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