Agent Commission

If you are receiving Commission for your Summer 2016 order, you should see that either in your bank account or towards your next order this week.  Let us know if you need more catalogues for new customers or if you would like us to send another catalogue to an existing customer, perhaps they haven’t placed their order yet!  We are always happy to help you with your customers to be able to make more commission.


If you have never earned agent commission and are wondering how to do that, it is easy and does not take a lot of effort on your part.  Call us to get an agent pack sent out to you which will have a couple catalogues that you can share with your family and friends. 


All it takes is for you to have an existing food order, plus two customers under you with food baskets.  When they are ready to place their order either they can call in their order or you can do it for them.  Just remember to give them your customer number to use as their agent number (for new first time customers only).  As long as all food baskets add up to a minimum of $901.00 and are for the same catalogue and year, then you're on your way to EARNING commission. It’s that easy!!!


Call us or click here to order more catalogues.  Once you are eligible to earn commission, you will receive your money shortly after all orders are delivered.


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