Working at Santas Choice

When you think of Santas Choice, do you imagine a group of elves working hard at the North Pole?


From our call center to our warehouse, we have a dedicated team of employees who have been here for years.  We are not only busy during the Christmas season. There is no doubt we look like hard working elves when were in the midst of our delivery seasons, but a lot of time goes into planning for Christmas and Summer deliveries!  During our off season, our team is busy placing new orders, adding to orders, chatting with customers and planning away for our next delivery season.

tree.JPG The atmosphere at Santas Choice is always very pleasant and it must have a lot to do with our cheerful customers who call in daily. We often plan potluck lunches throughout the year which include many types of foods prepared by our employees at home, or a stop at the local supermarket for some of us. Just before Christmas we always plan our annual cookie exchange, Secret Santas gift exchange and we can’t forget our staff Christmas party.

The office is decorated all year round with Christmas trees, Santas and snowmen and it feels like Christmas everyday! We may have a bigger focus on Christmas, but we can not forget about summer. We can’t wait until the hot weather to bring out the grill for our BBQ lunches with burgers from our Backyard Barbie basket.

Working at Santas Choice has been a great experience and it’s by far the best job I’ve ever had. We are always looking for new employees during our delivery season.  If you think you have what it takes, why not join our team !

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