Hampers or Baskets?

Hampers or Baskets? Baskets or Hampers?  What to call them?

Hampers to Baskets.jpg We have endless discussion about what to call “that group of products that we sell”.  After 12 years, we still have to explain the word “Hamper”. It’s not like we are sending you a laundry hamper, after all.

So, after years of calling them Hampers, it’s time to change it up and call them Baskets ! 

Our team is trying hard to remember to use the right word, and after 12 years, it's tough!  Can you imagine how many times a day we say "hampers" in conversation, only to have some else yell out " BASKETS "!  We even have post it notes stuck on the desks to remind us.  

So, throughout the catalogue you will see Baskets , products, gift cards and more!  They will still come in red (frozen) or green (dry) boxes, filled with the Brand Names you know and love.  

Which Baskets will YOU choose for Christmas 2015?

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