HeadStarts for Christmas 2014 are well underway

What is a HeadStart you ask?

If you are new to Santas Choice, you may be wondering what the HeadStart program is all about! Many customers want to spread out their payments as long as possible, and start building up their credit before the catalogue is even out. Or, they want to start their savings early, and take a little longer to choose their order.

It’s simple. All you do is either fill out the  HeadStart form  on our site, or call us at 1-800-847-0236. Decide when you want to start, what payment interval you would like, and how much you would like to start saving.  We will automatically deduct your payments via Pre-Authorized  Debit, and your credit builds up. Then, when the catalogue goes online or arrives at your door… take your time to decide what you would like! You have until March 1st, 2014 to select your order. Then, we simply total your order, deduct what you have already paid, and work out the remaining payments.

For example, say you started with a HeadStart of $50 every two weeks starting September 20th.  Then, at the end of January, you choose your order. You would have save up $500 to be applied against your order.   Your $500 payment is automatically applied when we enter your order in our system, and we will work out your remaining payment amounts.

On the other hand, without HeadStart, if you place your order in late January, your payments are spread out over the remaining time period until final payment date (approx. 37 weeks).  The HeadStart is a great way to keep your payments as low as they can be!

So  sign up today .. or give us a call at 1-800-847-0236 to get started.

Just a quick FYI – we are in  SUMMER HOURS  until August 30th –Monday to Thursday 9am-4pm, and Fridays 9am-3pm.  We are closed on weekends until the fall.

And don't forget to check our our  MyLayAway pages  YOU choose the length of time to LayAway, and we deliver it! ALL our prices INCLUDE tax and delivery - one price, delivered to your door! Choose from Large Screen TVs, Freezers, Bikes, Trampolines, Large Appliances and more!

Have a great week and wear your sunscreen.

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