Customer pictures... Part 2: then came the kids.

This year we think may be a record for your delivery pictures on Facebook!

The kids stole our hearts!

We spend the year chatting with you, helping you place/change/add to your orders, then production kicks in… then it’s delivery time! When our team sees the Facebook posts, and recognizes your names, it brings it all home.

To put a face to a voice (or email signature) that we’ve talked to all year, and then see the pictures of your boxes at home, unpacked & and your kids dancing around, it’s a pretty cool feeling.

So keep sharing your stories of your Christmas Hampers, why you save for Christmas, or what you do with the boxes afterwards.

We love that we deliver Christmas across Canada, and that we get to hear your stories!

More to come!

Photos from C14 Deliveries 3.jpg

C14 Deliveries.jpgC14 Deliveries V2.jpg

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